Forget the Oscars. It’s all about the Young Enterprise ‘Company of The Year’ Programme 2021!

Evology are proud to have supported the annual competition organised by the UK charity by handing out awards in two categories; ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Best Presentation’ at a local showcase.

The programme works with schools across the country to help young people put business theory into action, by inviting them to create their own start-up enterprises and compete against set criteria. Each company provides a company report, records a presentation and faces a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style interview from the judging panel.

Companies who entered featured a wide range of products including social media platforms, gender challenging nail varnish kits for men to Hydroponics solutions, aimed at solving the global food poverty crisis.

Evology’s Co-Founder Simon Wells who also was part of the judging panel said: 

“Against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the young entrepreneurs demonstrated their ability to navigate significant disruption whilst creating viable, profit-making business ventures. An incredibly impressive feat. 

If this is the level of business calibre for future generations to come, we are in good hands.”

The YE is a UK charity who aim to reduce youth unemployment, help young people realise their potential beyond education and empower a generation to learn, to work and to live. They help future business leaders put business theory into real world action. 

Go check them out for more information.

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