Action driven Contact Centres with real-time Agent Assist

Real-Time Agent Assist is a Voice and Emotion Analytics solution that captures, analyses and recommends actions for your agents during live interactions.

Advise agents in real-time on speech styles, emotions, and compliance. Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) through automated links to content, calendar scheduling, script advice, and automated wrap-up. Provide alerts to the agent and management.

Start taking control of your customer experience.

Sentiment & Emotion Analytics

A language-independent emotion analytics engine based on speech styles. Happiness, disappointment, unhappiness, and uncertainty are all recognised at both the customer and the agent side.

Real-time Agent Coaching

Provide your agents with timely assistance on key performance indicators that they must achieve. Recognise bad day and bad calls, suggest training modules and share best practices.

Compliance Assurance

Detect whether agents use correct greetings and comply with company regulations. Check if calls that require PCI compliance are executed correctly. Use language & emotion filters to identify threatening calls.

Automated Reports & Alerts

Create automated reports and distribute them automatically to the correct agents. Report/alert conditions to managers and supervisors to help support agents in need of assistance. 

Automated Resource Support

Automate lookups to a website or application based on specific keywords. Follow trends and topics over time to provide the data you need to enable agents to successfully adapt to each call.  

Productivity Improvement

Productivity data will reveal opportunities for improvement by analysing speech tone, style and speed in addition to silence periods, music periods, cross talk, and overall call duration.

Automated support for your agents in real-time

Real-time Agent Assistance offers direct feedback to the agent during a call, significantly reducing cost and time spent on Quality monitoring. Agent Assist will immediately help the agent on reaching KPIs, breaching compliance issues, changes in sentiment, acoustic information (speak slower), and many more aspects.  

Alerts can be sent to management for direct assistance. The solution also significantly reduces the wrap-up time and can provide lookups to save valuable time and respond quickly to customer questions.

Provide your agents with a second set of ears

Automated Look Ups

A lookup to a website or application is triggered automatically based on the mention of specific keywords that are programmed as lookup KPI’s.  In that way, the agent can access relevant information much quicker.  

Automated Alerts

Alerts can be provided based on sentiment, acoustic, and content information.. Alerts can be automatically escalated to the Contact Centre Quality Manager about ongoing calls that might require immediate support based on KPI’s.

Automated end of call wrap up

Real-time Voice Analytics can reduce agents’ wrap-up time by capturing a summary of every call to be copied straight into any CRM.

When a call is completed, the wrap-up screen saves a summary of the conversation based on the CRM system’s key elements. Elements of the wrap-up screen can be keywords or sentences, a compliance summary, the overall emotion index, or any other aspect used to follow the customer’s journey. There is also the possibility of adding the full speech to text transcript.  

An AI-based software engine that performs two types of analysis

Transcriptions of conversations can be assigned to each speech segment of the conversation to either the agent or the customer.  Then, an extensively trained deep neural network classifies them for characteristics such as emotion (happy, disappointed, displeased or uncertain), speech rate, volume, pitch, intonation and articulation. 

Combining categorisations with probabilities yields a score for all characteristics on every speech segment and the overall conversation. 

The results of those calls requiring attention are automatically presented to Contact Centre Managers and Quality Assurance.

Next Steps

We can help on many ways. From providing additional information about Real-time agent assist, arranging a demonstration or a free trial of the solution. If you want to learn more about how we can help improve your customer experience, get in touch by clicking the link below.