Reveal the truth about your customer interactions

Provide valuable insight into how your business interacts with its customers and stay compliant with corporate, legal and official guidelines.

Voice Analytics from Evology uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to identify and measure speech style based emotions, keyword, expression-based sentiment, and speech characteristics.

Follow your customer’s journey and understand how you can improve your First Call Resolution.

Voice Analytics

Speech recognition engine providing Speech-to-Text and Keyword Search capabilities. Machine learning allows for recognition of out of dictionary keywords. 

Text Analytics

Analyse emails, chats, and speech-to-text converted conversations in-depth. Reveal classification of topics, associations, sentiment and more.

Automated Quality Management

Improve the overall performance and quality by analysing 100% of your calls and automatically upload agent performance to the agent scorecard.

CSAT & NPS Integration

Integrate CSAT and NPS scores and relate them to specific calls allowing you to perform in-depth analysis to identify drivers of NPS, to improve the overall rating.

Predictive Analytics CRM Integration

Combine your CRM data with the outcome of each call to perform analysis to predict future customer behaviour. Reduce client churn and improve CX.

Gamification Goals

Set training goals for your teams or agents to monitor performance across various KPI’s. Provide insight into their performance versus the groups average or best in class.

Improve the overall performance and quality of your contact centre

Automate Quality Management of your Contact Centre by quickly and easily identifying critical conversations across a complete set of call data.

Identify dissatisfied customers, potential legal and authority cases, or detect customers who plan to cancel their contract.

Voice Analytics provides your business with objective measurements that help identify the coaching and training needs for your teams, so that appropriate action can be taken to improve performance. 

Helps you predict your customer’s behaviour

Predictive Analysis, based on Artificial Intelligence can perform analysis across all conversations to identify trends and patterns in the call data.

The Predictive Analytics engine helps to recognise the factors that played a crucial role in the conversations that didn’t go according to plan.

It couples these factors with CRM data and speech characteristics, as well as the complexity of relationships that, without Machine Learning, would be left uncovered.

The system then automatically generates rules that can be applied to future conversations, and alerts which can be set for interactions that meet the relevant criteria, so the correct people are notified in time to take appropriate action.

With this approach, all future conversations that show a particular trend can be identified and supported more efficiently.

For instance; if 5% of the customers have cancelled their contract in a week, the machine learning engine will identify the difference in speech and sentiment patterns of these calls separate from the remaining 95% “positive” calls.

Identify and remedy potential compliance breaches

Scan all your call recordings for specific compliance-related words and phrases to identify where information has not been handled correctly.

Ensure your business remains GDPR & PCI compliant and remove the risk of a potential compliance breach.

Use keyword, sentence, and emotion filters to detect business threatening calls resulting in legal cases and public proceedings.

Reduce the impact of these cases by using the data to proactively handle a situation before it becomes an issue.

There will be no variation, human-made assumptions, or inconsistencies when checking the agent’s interactions against your KPI’s. All interactions are scored with exactly the same measurements, removing the chances of human error. 

Use the inbuilt dashboards to gain new insight into your service standards, customer experience and compliance status in the blink of an eye.

An AI-based software engine that performs two types of analysis

Transcriptions of conversations can be assigned to each speech segment of the conversation to either the agent or the customer.  Then, an extensively trained deep neural network classifies them for characteristics such as emotion (happy, disappointed, displeased or uncertain), speech rate, volume, pitch, intonation and articulation. 

Combining categorisations with probabilities yields a score for all characteristics on every speech segment and the overall conversation. 

The results of those calls requiring attention are automatically presented to Contact Centre Managers and Quality Assurance.

Next Steps

We can help on many ways. From providing additional information about Voice Analytics, arranging a demonstration or a free trial of the solution. If you want to learn more about how we can help improve your customer experience, get in touch by clicking the link below.